The New Oriental Hotel History Began in 1969

The New Oriental Hotel

The New Oriental Hotel was founded by Mr. Kumeji Shimizu. Born in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, Mr. Shimizu graduated from Waseda University and began his career as a bank employee. An ambitious and business minded individual, Mr. Shimizu purchased property in Takarazuka, Hyogo Prefecture to establish his own corporation in 1948. The Takarazuka Matsumi-so corporation was born, and was initially utilized to manage a 5000 ㎡ ryokan-style hotel.
Due to the “Japanese World Exposition” in Osaka, Mr. Shimizu became acutely aware that the influx of visitors to Japan would require hotel accommodations. Therefore, he sold his land in Takarazuka (a portion of the land is still managed as Lotteria) and purchased property in Awaza, Osaka. Here he founded the New Oriental Hotel which opened its doors in 1969. This hotel was recognized as the first authentic business hotel in Osaka.

1969 was a tumultuous year in Japan and around the world. The Japanese economy was booming and rapidly growing. Students in Japan were protesting their conservative Japanese government and U.S. involvement in the world. NASA successfully launched the Apollo 11 mission to the moon. Two popular songs that were released in 1969, “Blue Light Yokohama (by Ayumi Ishida)” and “Nagasaki wa Kyomo ame data (by Uchiyamada and Cool Five)” were remembered by many.


First man on the moon


“Japan World Exposition” (’70)


The “New Oriental Hotel” got its name from the “Oriental Hotel” in Kobe. Originally the request to use the same name, “Oriental Hotel” was denied. However, an agreement to add the word “New” at the beginning gave the hotel in Osaka its new name, the New Oriental Hotel.

The Beginning

When the New Oriental Hotel first opened its doors business hotels in the area were scarce. Ryokans, minshuku (a family operated Japanese-style bed and breakfast) and large western-style hotels were the mainstream accommodation for business travelers.
Despite the fact the New Oriental Hotel was a great success, their business model left many prospective employees skeptical. Therefore, recruitment became an issue. Surprisingly, the New Oriental Hotel offered an English language wake-up call back then.

Example of a Business Hotel

The New Oriental Hotel anticipated the needs of guests and offered special packages and unique services the larger hotels didn't have. The expansion of services drove occupancy rates up, and our hotel became one of the top performing business hotels in the region.
It was also recognized as the perfect example of a business hotel throughout Japan.
Mr. Nobuo Shimizu established the Joytel Hotel Group and also became the CEO of the Japan City Hotel Association. In 1991, numerous management companies were founded under the Joytel Group Hotel brand.

A Hotel that Promotes a Healthy Body and Mind
A Peaceful Environment and a Hot Spring Bath Allows Guests to Relax and Unwind.

Ivy represents survival, so it's not surprising the New Oriental Hotel is surrounded with this enduring foliage. Like ivy, the New Oriental Hotel still has a high occupancy rate after 40 years in business. We treasure our repeat guests and their continued support.

Osaka is home to many historic buildings, such as the Osaka City Central Public Hall, The Bank of Japan (Osaka Branch) and the Takashimaya Nankai Building in Namba. It's amazing to think these institutions have survived the test of time. As new generations emerge, we feel it is important to strike a good balance between remaining current, yet preserving tradition.

The New Oriental Hotel public bath is a signature feature and has been part of the hotel since the beginning. We believe that our large public bath was one of the first offered in a business hotel.

In December 2011, the CEO of the Humour Resort Group, Mr. Takeshi Shimizu took over the management of the New Oriental Hotel. It is important to Mr. Shimizu to retain the hotel's pioneer spirit and unique services. He will keep the traditional bath that guests have come to love over time. In addition, he would like to add the health-conscious breakfast buffet and a variety of fun events to keep guests entertained.
Mr. Shimizu wants to ensure guests receive superior service in an environment that promotes peace of body, mind and soul.
The New Oriental Hotel looks forward to the future and your continued support.